Indigo - Version 3 Released

Indigo Version 3 represents a significant advancement to the product and offers many new features.  Indigo Version 3 is now released and available for evaluation and purchase.  Users are welcome to download Version 3 RC2 and take it for a test drive.


With the introduction of Indigo version 3, the product will be offered in a Standard version and Professional version.  The standard version will contain all of the existing features contained in Indigo version 2, numerous enhancement, and a few new features.  The professional version is offered to introduce native modem dial-up capabilties and file transfer support.  A full feature comparison between versions is available here.

(Existing Indigo version 2 customers are elligible for a free upgrade to the standard version.  Please see this FAQ topic for more information.)


The licensing and activation implementaion in Indigo has been improved to make it easier for customers to register the software license as well as making it easier to transfer licenses to another computer in the event of a hardware failure or system upgrade.


UDP Communication

The Professional Edition now includes support for sending and receiving UDP messages/data.


TCP Socket Server 

The Professional Edition now includes support for creating a TCP socket server session where Indigo will listen for connections on a listener socket and allow data communication and interaction with a connected client socket.



The logging implementation has been improved and several new features have been added such as timestamps and raw data stream logging.


Serial Communications

The underlying serial communication library that Indigo uses to interface with the serial hardware has been replaced to a much more robust and reliable implementation.  This new serial communication infrastructure addresses some of the existing known issues with certain USB serial adapers and well as adds support for virtual serial ports , improves support for bluetooth serial ports, and adds higher supported baud rate capabilities for serial hardware that support hi-speed data transfer rates.   


Serial Ports

Indigo now has native support for com ports above port #16.  Ports can be addressed up to port #256. 


Serial Baud Rates

 Indigo now supports the following maximum serial baud rates 
 (serial port hardware must support the baud rate):

  • Up to 115,200 (Standard Version)
  • Up to 921,600 (Professional Version) 


Serial Port Interfaces

Indigo now has support for the following types of serial port interfaces:

  • Virtual Serial Ports
  • Terminal Server Serial Ports (RDP)
  • Bluetooth Serial Ports
  • USB Serial Ports  
  • PCMCIA Serial Ports 

Serial Signaling/Wiring Standards

Indigo now has support for the following types of hardware serial standards:

  • RS-232
  • RS-422  (Professional Version)
  • RS-485  (Professional Version)

File Transfer Protocols

Indigo now supports file transfer capability for serial connections.  The following file transfer protocols are supported:

  • X-MODEM             (Professional Version)
  • X-MODEM-1K        (Professional Version)
  • X-MODEM-CRC      (Professional Version)
  • Y-MODEM              (Professional Version)
  • Y-MODEM-BATCH  (Professional Version)
  • Y-MODEM-G          (Professional Version)
  • Z-MODEM             (Professional Version)
  • KERMIT                 (Professional Version)


Modem Dial-Up Sessions (Professional Version)

Indigo now supports native modem dial-up connections.  Indigo supports both TAPI-compliant modems and Hayes-compatible modem hardware.  Dial-up settings can be configured in an Indigo session and Indigo will use the modem to establish the session connection.


Auto Start Sessions

Indigo now supports the option to automatically load selected session instances when Indigo is started.  Right-Click the session instance in the session manager and then select the option to Auto-Load.


Broadcast Commands To Multiple Sessions

Indigo now supports the ability to broadcast all data transmitted to a terminal session to all open terminal sessions.  This is handy if when needing to perform bulk command operations on more than one terminal connection.


User Configurable Menu Fonts

Indigo now allows users to change the default font style and size used to display all the application menus and right-click context menus in the software.


Download Indigo V3 

You can download the latest version of Indigo Terminal Emulator for evaluation using the following link. Please note that you must uninstall all previous versions of Indigo before installing version 3.

Indigo Terminal Emulator Installation (Version 3)


Licensing & Registration

Indigo version 3 requires a new license key to run.  License codes from prior versions of Indigo will not work in version 3.  Existing customers who have purchased Indigo Version 2 can upgrade at no additional cost to Indigo Version 3 - Standard Edition.  Indigo Version 3 - Standard Edition includes all existing features and functionality previously offered in Version 2.     

 Request V3 Upgrade License Key